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Hello Happy Home
I just wanted to thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy. We purchased our puppy in August and life with her has been wonderful ever since. We named her Ally and she is definitely a part of the family. She is such an amazing girl with the sweetest personalty. Everyone we meet wants to take her home.
Hello Happy Home
  Just want to leave a testimonial for your page. We have named her LUCY , she is absolutely fluffy and adorable. She is really super tiny, and very independent as well.. She is such a clever girl, she just needs lots of attention and love. And everyone just loves her. Thank you again for training her to go to the toilet beforehand,  she already know where her puppy pad is and go toilet in the pad.
 Best regards, Cecilia
Hello Happy Home
     He's such a cutie - you'd never know by looking at them that he's actually a cheeky little puppy, eh? He's doing great, growing by the day and still plays 20 hours a day and sleeps for the other 4! Mum has had a great peaceful and relaxing start to the year with him as they are both snowed in at her cottage near . They went up on 31st December and they haven't managed to get out of the house since! She says she has 3 foot of snow. I actually wonder what Gino is going to think after all the snow melts, because its more or less all he has seen since we have had him. Mum has been taking him out walking every day and he is very good on the lead, likes his cost jackets and if she walks too far, she pops him inside her ski suit with her to get home. For some funny reason, every day when I phone her, he goes and gets the squeaky toy bone I gave him at Christmas and squeaks it the whole time she talks to me. Mum says as soon as she is finished talking to me, he stops playing with it. I like to think he's just saying a big hello to me. Of course you are very welcome to put the photos on your website. I will send you more as and when I have them so you can see what a handsome boy he grows up to be. Mum absolutely adores him and I think its been good them being snowed in for so long, because its meant they have had so much time together on their own.
 Many Thanks To Linda & Heather.

Hello Happy Home
 Just thought it would be nice to keep in touch, billy has been such a good boy and i was so surprised at how well he took to going for walks on his lead, we had such a struggle with our other dog he just refused! , He has got quite a bit bigger now, but hes still tiny, you can see Remy in him so much, hes such a bossy devil and hes always stealing  toys. He loves watching TV, especially when i put Marley and me on (and i cried at the end and he was giving me kisses). I cant go anywhere with him without every person saying " look" sometimes i get tired of telling people what his name is i get it so much.ha ha. Ive had a look at your new puppies as well, they are so cute. I just want to thank you again, he's my baby and i love him so much, 
 kind regards Becky ,

Hello Happy Home
The Puppies arrived in good shape, last night.  I saw Vickie there at the pick up area and she was thrilled with her puppies, too. The Puppies took some time to settle down, but slowly getting used to our home.  They are going to have to get used to California Weather,  but they will adapt soon -- I hope.
Thanks again
Amanda Mia - Seal Beach, CA

Wow!  He is even more beautiful than I expected!  Got here fine, but rained so hard, my computer went down till just now, so wasn't able to contact you.  He is eating good and alert.  A lil' fat boy!  He does have a cough, but from what I read, this is very common.  He will be indoors and where it is quiet. for a couple of weeks anyway.  I will call if I have any questions.  Thanks for your courtesy and promptness.  If I ever decide to get another puppy, I will surely go through you.  Have a wonderful week.  I'll send pictures you can post.
Holly & puppy - Benton Harbor, MI
I just wanted to write a THANK YOU VERY MUCH note to you for the puppy. She is everything you said and more. I gave her to my mom for Mother's Day and she cried. The puppy is soooooo cute and her personality is OH MY GOD, she is just GREAT! Thank you again and I will be telling everyone.
Tracy James- St.Woodstock NB

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